My Father :: Pete Yorn :: Now Hear This


Just in time for Father’s Day, Pete Yorn releases a new single entitled My Father. A bit of a throwback sound, reminiscent of his past days working with J.D. King (The Olms) and Scarlett Johansson (“Break Up” album). There is a Laurel Canyon vibe that harkens back to albums my mother used to play when I was growing up, that late sixties/early seventies vibe that emanates “feel good”.

USAToday/FOR THE WIN premiered the song here, along with featuring a quote from Pete himself:

This song was recorded with my old pal R. Walt Vincent. It is an ode to strength in the face of uncertainty. It stares our inevitable mortality in the eye and says: “lets dance”! My father, your father, The Father…. it may be all of them. My father, the archetype. From me to you on Fathers Day, I give you…”My Father”. And to my actual father….Dad, I am grateful for all the time you spent with me when I was growing up. You could have easily spent more time doing other things you wanted to do, but you were there for me. Thank you. PY

Though I never much knew my father, and Father’s Day has not always been the easiest for me, especially after my late husband passed. That said, I appreciate the sentiment of the song. And, well, I’m forever for the others in my life that took the place of my birth father, and my childrens’, as well.

I’m also a big fan of staring “our inevitable mortality in the eye” and saying “lets dance”.

Hell yeah.

Happy (early) Father’s Day to you Pete, and to all the father’s, stepfather’s and father-figures out there. Enjoy the song – its a good one.



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