A Life Less Ordinary (1997) :: MOTD


A Life Less Ordinary (1997)
Written by John Hodge
Directed by Danny Boyle


“‘Kidnap For Beginners’, Chapter One. Have you even asked for a ransom yet?” ~ Celine


How did I never notice that “A Life Less Ordinary” was directed by Danny Boyle? Figures, considering the timing (90’s) and Ewan McGregor being in it. No wonder I love it so much. I’m a fan of the Danny/Ewan other films, too – “Trainspotting” and “Shallow Grave”, so now I could actually do a three-part, Danny/Ewan movie marathon night.

I love early Danny Boyle movies.

Its been AGES since I’ve seen this one – something I think I need to remedy soon.


I thought of it after putting together my on the road/road trip movie list, as this one would definitely belong on an extended list. It also belongs on a list of favorite movies with singing and/or karaoke scenes in them – I love the scene in this one.


Ewan is great in this film, as is Cameron Diaz, who I honestly don’t usually care for. But, I do believe, it is the supporting characters, played by Holly Hunter and Delroy Lindo, who steal the movie. They are fantastic – giving a very Tarantino/”Pulp Fiction” kind of performance.

Oh, and the soundtrack is AMAZING. I may need to do a Monday Movie Soundtrack post on it soon.

Don’t Leave :: Faithless

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