My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

You can stream the music obsessions each week here on Spotify

1. I’m Waiting for the Day :: The Beach Boys

“He hurt you then,
but that’s all gone.
I guess I’m saying you’re the only one.
I’m waiting for the day when you can love again.”


2. Let Me Back In :: Rilo Kiley

“Let it be printed,
let it be known,
I’m leaving you,
I’m going home –
and all you can do is just watch me go.”


3. Malibu :: Hole

“Crash and burn,
all the stars explode tonight
How’d you get so desperate?
How’d you stay alive?”


4. Kandi :: One Eskimo

“And if I get things wrong,
don’t want you to think I’m running away.”


5. Lithium :: Nirvana

“I’m so happy, 
’cause today,
I’ve found my friends…
they’re in my head.”


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