My Top 5 New Releases :: New Music Friday :: Week of 6/6/16

1. Strange Little Birds :: Garbage


Three-Sentence Review: Oh my stars…a new Garbage album…and its phenomenal. From the first track I feel my fever rising, my skin prickling, my pulse racing, and that excitement-meets-emotions thing that connects me to an album, a song, an artist, or all of the above. I’ve been a fan for a long time, but I think I am loving this album more than any of the music I’ve heard before from Shirley and the band – there’s something so passionate here, so dark, twisted, desirous and addictive – I love it.

Initial Favorite Track(s)Sometimes, Empty, If I Lost You and So We Can Stay Alive

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5+


2. This is Your Life :: Augustines


Three-Sentence Review: From the opening track (a cracker of a song – catchy, anthemic and just begging to be sung-a-long to), I find myself hooked (again) on the Augustines. I almost want “No Need to Explain” to follow that opening track, but most likely that’s because I love it so much and get anxious to hear it. The evolution of sound that has transpired from album-to-album is apparent, and maybe its because I lean towards this kind of sound lately that I am not bothered by the change, no, instead I’m ecstatic about it – another album to definitely add to my favorites of the year.

Initial Favorite Track(s)Are We Alive?, No Need to Explain, Landmine and This is Your Life

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5+

Are We Alive

3. Why are You OK? :: Band Of Horses


Three-Sentence Review: I’ve been waiting to fall for a Band Of Horses album the way I fell so hard for Cease to Begin and Infinite Arms, and it hadn’t happen…but now…with this new album, well, it may be (finally) happening. I have a big crush on the first track, “Dull Times/The Moon”, and “Whatever, Wherever” is dreamy, beautiful and sigh-worthy. I think Band Of Horses may have gone and won me over again.

Initial Favorite Track(s)Dull Times/The Moon, In a Drawer, Whatever, Wherever and Country Teen

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5

Whatever, Wherever

4. Liquid Cool :: Nite Jewel


Three-Sentence Review: I’m so all about all the recent albums by female artists in the Chamber Pop/Indie Pop/Trip Hop/Alternative  space, and this one is no exception to what I’m loving, queing up nicely with Kristin Kontrol, Ladwyhawke and Tegan and Sara’s new ones. I also feel/hear a lot of 90’s Trip Hop influence, a little Morcheeba, a little Zero 7 and a little Air and Beth Hirsch, and it brings me back so much that I find myself longing for some crushed velvet leggings and baby doll dresses, and maybe even a clove cigarette to smoke.

Initial Favorite Track(s)Nothing but Scenery, Kiss the Screen, Boo Hoo and Running Out of Time

Rating (1-5 Stars): 4+

Kiss the Screen

5. S/T :: Fitz & The Tantrums


Three-Sentence Review: Danceable, “car concert”-able and ready-made for Summer, so thankful to have this right now (hello, June). The opening track is impossible not to move to, and already found its way to the top of my favorite workout playlist. This album is very NOW, in all the right ways – and will be a breakout hit for the band, I predict.

Initial Favorite Track(s): HandClap, Fadeback and A Place For Us

Rating (1-5 Stars): 4


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