“Put your dreams away for now,
I won’t see you for some time,
I am lost in my mind.”

Moving (on)
by me

Time for filling boxes
lining them in neat rows
tape screaming across cardboard
binding these memories
hiding them away

The taste of salt on your lips goes in first
sharing the left far corner with the flicker of gold
in your eyes
on the other side goes our tangled limbs
and the angry words that we let spill far too often

The happy and the hurt
for now they have to go
along with dreams we once had
love we swore to
and secrets no one else will need know

I can’t even say your name anymore

So for now
I will pack you up
forget until I can forgive
lose myself in this day-to-day
this living without
that thing they call getting over it

That thing they call
moving on

Lost in My Mind :: The Head And The Heart

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