Now Hear This :: Last Words :: Isaac Gracie


I love discovering new music and I love finding songs that help to inspire me, especially on days when writing feels rough and tangly and near impossible. I’m struggling with my muse and with my imaginative world, but music, oh music, always comes to my rescue. This song – “Last Words” – came to me out of near nowhere. I was looking at a list of upcoming shows at one of my favorite venues, The Hotel Cafe, and was randomly looking up some of the artists. Isaac Gracie was one of those artists and this song, and others of his, reached right inside me and grabbed hold.

But this song – “Last Words” – it had me in tears, my insides full of soul prickles, and a backstory for a character came to life in it, as well. Now I’m itching to write, a fire fueled by a breathtaking voice and a melancholic and moving song getting me back on my so-called feet, and I’m ever grateful.

I just had to share because everyone should hear this song and know about Isaac Gracie’s music.

You should join me on June 14th, at The Hotel Cafe, if you are in the Los Angles area. Tickets available here.

Last Words (live) :: Isaac Gracie

“Well, your mind is empty,
and your heart is cold,
and your last routines are getting old.
Now, people seeing through
your web of lies,
and they’re fucking the demons
that pour inside.”

isaac gracie

 Thank you for the inspiration and the music.

Here more here.

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