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1950s Swing Dancers

My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

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1. What is Love? :: Kristin Kontrol

“We’re ships in the night,
we are hooks beating by;
we are etchings of all that’s transpired.”


2. Extreme Ways :: Moby

“I would stand in line for this.
There’s always room in life for this.”


3. Empty :: Garbage

“I rail and I ache,
at the monsters and the demons.
I’ve wrestled with for eons,
and I want to destroy.”


4. Alright :: Supergrass

“We wake up,
we go out,
smoke a fag,
put it out,
see our friends,
see the sights,
feel alright.”


5. Girl from Mars :: Ash

“And as I look to the stars,
I remember the time I knew a Girl From Mars.”


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