I thought you were a better friend to me :: M5MO


My 5 Music Obsessions 

You can stream the week as it goes along here at Spotify

1. Send My Love (to Your New Lover) :: Adele

“I’m giving you up,
I’ve forgiven it all,
you set me free.”


2. The Way I Tend to Be :: Frank Turner

“And then I catch myself,
catching your scent on someone else,
in a crowded space
and it takes me somewhere I cannot quite place.”


3. She was Weird :: Pete Yorn

“And I felt her devastation,
we were lost in the fight,
and I knew I couldn’t leave her,
I would love her thru the night.”

Photo by me

4. Do it With a Rockstar :: Amandaa Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra

“Do you wanna dance?
Do you wanna fight?
Do you wanna get drunk and stay the night?
Do you wanna smoke till our throats are sore?
Make out and then talk and then make out some more?”


5. Uh Oh :: Kat Robichaud & The Darling Misfits

“Or we could let go,
uh oh,
what’s the worst that could happen if we just went
on with our lives?
I know,
you know,
that shit was whack,
but there’s no going back,
learn from the past,
and let this love survive.”


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