Now Hear This :: Laura :: Atlas Eyes


I was named after the title character in the film Laura, a story about a detective who falls in love with a woman whose murder he is investigating. David Lynch has mentioned that Laura in that film/the film itself was part of his inspiration for Twin Peaks, and his Laura, Laura Palmer, the girl who was “dead and wrapped in plastic”.

As a child the first two times I heard my name in a song were “Tell Laura I Love Her” (man dying in the street asking for love words to be sent to his love, Laura) and “Think of Laura”, the song written about the presumed dead Laura on General Hospital.

Thus started my theory that all Laura’s in the arts are dead, dying, crazy or associated with loss (or a magic fun combination of all, or some, of the above). I share this crazy-dead-Laura theory with a friend of mine, another Laura, who lives “across the pond” from me. We are on a neverending quest for a song about a Laura who isn’t dead, crazy, or dealing with either, or both.

Today we found one (or really she found one, and shared it with me). The bonus in all this? The band is amazing, and quite darlings, and the song is fantastic.

Laura :: Atlas Eyes

“Is that all we know?
Listen to the hum of the stereo.
Say you’re only here so you’re not alone, 
talking to the guy on the microphone, 
on the right side of the wrong topic.”

Thank you, Atlas Eyes, for keeping Laura alive, and not crazy, and sounding so fantastic! I hope you all come to Los Angeles soon to play live…I’m digging your whole EP, and everyone reading this, YOU SHOULD TOO.

Get the Atlas Eyes EP here.


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