Some days suck. Some days require loud music, screeching guitar feedback, noise along with melody, and a reason to scream-sing-a-long. Maybe the LA freeway’s got you down. Or your boyfriend just hearted his ex-girlfriend’s new Instagram pic. Perhaps you dumped coffee into your pot, early in the morning, without putting the filter in first. Or maybe payday became layoff day for three people, and one of them is you. Whatever the reason, no matter how big or small, there is nothing quite like raucous and raw rock to make it all seem a little better.

Especially when turned up LOUD.

Wrestle Yü To Hüsker Dü :: The Dirty Nil

“We go walking Sunday,
playing doctor in the reeds.
Your man calls while I’m laughing,
you tell him it’s just a breeze.”

Oh my stars, I love the line “playing doctor in the reeds”, as well as the entire f-you sentiment in this ode to sleeping with someone who belongs to someone else. Also, bonus points for name-dropping Hüsker Dü in the song title.

I needed this song today. Not for any of the reasons above (well, maybe the freeway traffic), but for others that made the day throw a punch. I’m throwing one right back with this song, and the entire album, Higher Power – so, thank you, The Dirty Nil.

If you live in the LA area, like me, you can catch The Dirty Nil at The Smell on June 2nd. Come join me – get your tickets here.

(Turning the volume up even louder).

The Dirty Nil

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