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I’m always on the search for muses and literary soundtracks, songs that seep beneath my skin and live there for awhile, burrowing deep, floating around in my bloodstream, and triggering my own creations to leak out of me, from my emotions, and on to the page (or screen). I love to feel inspired, to feel moved, to feel tears threaten to fall, to experience the prickling electricity that dances across my flesh when I feel moved.

We all want art to make us feel something – right?

VelveteenĀ :: The Mynabirds

“Can you put me back, put me back
put me back, right back?
Am I real yet, real yet?
Am I real yet?”

The Mynabirds song “Velveteen” has been doing it to me this week. I keep hitting replay, again and again, swallowing up the sounds and the lyrics, and those brilliantly powerful emotions that this song evokes. There is something in the questioning, to be put back, to be made real, that brings out that feeling of being overwhelmed by love, or by loss, and wanting so desperately to be let go – but, at the same time, not wanting to ever be let go.


The Mynabirds are going to be playing at one of my favorite Los Angeles venues THIS Friday. Their show at The Roxy still has tickets left – GET THEM HERE – and I encourage you to come join me to take in the gorgeous vocals of Laura Burhenn.

Here’s a peek of “Velveteen” live to get you craving more.

Velveteen (live at KEXP) :: The Mynabirds

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