My 5 Music Obsessions 

1. Soulshine :: The Allman Brothers

“He used to say soulshine,
it’s better than sunshine,
it’s better than moonshine,
damn sure better than rain.”


2. Nothingman :: Pearl Jam

“and he who forgets,
will be destined to remember.”


3. Read My Mind :: The Killers

“It’s funny how you just break down,
waiting on some sign.
I pull up to the front of your driveway,
with magic soaking my spine.”


4. Beginning to See :: Carl  Barât & The Jackals

“With dirty hands,
but our hearts are clean,
and all our best laid plans,
scuppered out at sea.
You and me –
I’m beginning to see.”


5. Wild Horses (acoustic) :: The Rolling Stones

“Graceless lady,
you know who I am.
You know I can’t let you,
slide through my hands.”


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