Even though we ain’t got money :: M5MO


My 5 Music Obsessions 

1. My Lover’s Gone :: Dido

“My lover’s gone,
I know that kiss will be my last.
No more his song,
the tune upon his lips has passed,
I sing alone while I watch the ocean.”


2. You are What You Love :: Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins

“But you are what you love,
and not what loves you back,
so I guess that’s why you keep calling me back.”


3. Korean Dogwood :: Devendra Banhart

“You are my life,
and you baffle me some like vanilla’s maple.
Inca cornflower,
you’re my baby’s blue eyes.”


4. Beginning to See :: Carl Barât & The Jackals

“With dirty hands,
but our hearts are clean
and all our best laid plans,
scuppered out at sea.
You and me,
I’m beginning to see.”


5. Danny’s Song :: Neko Case

“If you find he helps your mind,
better take him home
Don’t you live alone –
try to earn what lovers own.”


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  1. Unrelated: have you read the Paper Girls comic? It’s a late 80s-set suburban Ohio story about a group of pre-teen paper girls that witness something weird & scifi/supernatual after Halloween night before dawn. I read the first volume today and loved it and the illustrations are so 1980s and very pink/blue/purple and gorgeous. Thought you might be interested.

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