Knowing that the moment has gone :: SOTD


“Killing yourself in slow motion,
waving from the bottom of the ocean.
I’ll swim back to land just let me in.
Tell me can we ever begin again?”

Two Words
(poem by me)

Fingers knit together,
into a symbol of lover’s protection,
safe from the world outside,
the chaos,
so hellbent on disrgard.
Yet here lie,
amidst the precarious divine.

Love and lust,
hope and dreams,
secret and sublime.

You whisper into tangles of hair,
spread across the cool side of the pillow.
Your breath warms my curving spine,
last time” murmured,
a precursor to full sentences,
yet to erupt.
a lightness before,
the weight,
of permanence.

Love and loss,
hope and death,
secret and settle.

A buoyancy remains,
hidden underneath this rented duvet,
guilt is still outside,
waiting patiently round the corner.
She’s donning cape and glove,
all fired up and ready
But in here we are shielded,
fingers weaved into a lover’s armor.
guilt waiting patiently just around the corner,
cape and glove at the ready,
but we are shielded here,
fingers weaving into a shield of armor.

Love and luck,
hope and detours,
secret and survive.

Maybe this is the “last time.”

This Fire (live) :: Pete Yorn


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