Come to me :: the 90’s


“You know i’m waiting –
I love you endlessly.”

About the song:

“C’mon Billy” was the second single released on PJ Harvey’s 1995 album, To Bring You My Love.

Considered one of the more solemn tracks on the album, the song depicts a woman begging for the aforementioned Billy to come home and meet his son.

The song #29 on the U.K. Charts and had moderate airplay in the U.K.

The music video (see below) shows PJ Harvey in a saloon setting. While there she attempts to seduce a man there implied to be Billy. The video then shows imaginary home movies of Harvey, Billy, and a baby boy playing together in a park. Although the video impressed VH1 executives, they rejected it from being able to play on their channel because the video was seen as scary and off-putting.


My thoughts:

To Bring You My Love was my first falling-in-love-with-PJ album. I would later fall for earlier releases, but THIS was the album that did it for me. This song was one of my early favorites, and I still love it. I have clung to it a few times for inspiration, and a character I am writing in a novel got his name from this song.

There is desperation in this song, there is anger and passion and love, loss and a sense of betrayal. PJ’s voice travels across that emotional landscape, not missing a one. There is an old Western feel to the music, something incredibly cinematic, which is also why I think I’ve turned to the song as muse for my own writing, and creating.

C’mon Billy :: PJ Harvey
from the album, To Bring You My Love

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