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“Well, we were good,
when we were good,
when we were not misunderstood.”

About the song:

“The Greatest Bastard” is the third track off of Damien Rice’s album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy, released in 2014.

My Favourite Faded Fantasy is the third studio album by Damien Rice. The album, and this song, were produced by Rick Rubin.


My Thoughts:

A song that definitely found its way into my break-up/heartbreak forever playlist. This is one hell of a painful song, one that is awfully hard not to break into tears to.

Poetic and haunting, dark and self-deprecating, and yet, somewhere in all of it is this undercurrent of hope. Its barely there, a blink and you’ll miss it kind of thing, but I can hear it.

Or maybe that’s the hopeless (hopeful) romantic in me that never seems to die, no matter how wrong she’s been before.

The Greatest Bastard :: Damien Rice
from the album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy

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