Thank you, Prince


Prince Rogers Nelson
1958 – 2016

The thing I loved about Prince is similar to what I loved about Bowie. He crossed boundaries and genres, bucked gender norms and well, overall norms…he wasn’t afraid to change, to reinvent, to create, to be.

His music transcended genre and style and era. He’s one of those ever-inspirations to me as an artist. I wish 2016 would stop taking so much of the music makers and artists away, but I am damn grateful I got to be alive when he was, and experience his music and the music he wrote for others, too.

He made me feel brave and bold, too, and made it okay to be different, to be weird, to explore and experiment, to change, to create and to kick down norms and expectations. He seemed to exude love.

His songs made me want to dance, sing, create, express myself, and be passionate – physically, emotionally, creatively, and in that living kind of way, too.

Thank you for the music and the love and all that purple magic.

Purple Rain (live) :: Prince

“I only wanted to see you underneath
the purple rain.”

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