Love is a danger of a different kind :: the 80’s


“And love love love 
is a dangerous drug,
you have to receive it,
and you still can’t get enough of the stuff.”

About the song:

“Love is a Stranger” was the fifth single released by the Eurythmics, released orrginally in late 1982. The song was commercially unsuccessful the first go around, but was re-released in 1983 and then became a hit, reaching the U.K. Top Ten.

In the U.S., the song was the second single from the Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) album and it was released just as the title track reached number one. It entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #81 in September 1983 and peaked at #23 in November of that same year.

The song was in the charts, in the U.S., for 13-weeks. 

The song was re-released again, in 1991, to promote the band’s Greatest Hits album.

The music video (see below) directed by Mike Brady, in which Dave Stewart acts as chauffeur for an Annie Lennox, who plays the role of a high-class prostitute. During the course of the video, Annie removes a curly blonde wig to reveal her trademark, close-cropped, red hair underneath. 


My thoughts:

Back in the 80’s I spent countless hours every day sitting in front of the TV watching MTV. Music videos opened a world for me that expanded the landscape of my listening beyond what radio and music magazine’s did.

I’d already been captivated by Eurythmics, especially Annie Lennox, when I’d come across their album, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) at Licorice Pizza record store. I’d bought it and played it obsessively, and crushed hard for track one – THIS SONG. And then, along came the music video, and I was in love.

Annie Lennox will forever be one of my favorite voices, and style icons, too. She was always saying a big f-you to gender norms, and is one hell of a strong woman in music that inspire me.

And yeah, Love is a Stranger sometimes…

Love is a Stranger :: Eurythmics
from the album, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

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