“Don’t you tell me to deny it.
I’ve done wrong,
and I want to suffer,
for my sins.”

About the song:

“Criminal” is a song by Fiona Apple. It was released as the third single from her 1997 album, Tidal.

Fiona has said the song is about “feeling bad for getting something so easily by using your sexuality.”

“Criminal” is Fiona’s biggest hit, peaking at #21 on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as #4 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. The song won the Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance at the 40th Grammy Awards, and was also nominated for Best Rock Song that same year.

The song’s music video (see below) was directed by Mark Romanek with cinematography by Harris Savides. The video features Fiona¬†sulking in various states of undress.It is said to explore themes of voyeurism and adolescence.

In 1998, the video won an MTV Video Music Award for Best Cinematography.


My thoughts:

Seriously, how good is Fiona Apple’s album Tidal? Fuck, it just blows me away, even know, twenty years later, and a gazillion listens. Every song cut into me like a razor-sharp blade, bleeding me out, making me feel vindicated, saved, and understood.

This song, sometimes its a hard one to feel. It picks at those unhealed scabs of regret for lovers left too soon, or because of my own issues, and messed up heart and mind. It reminds me of those acts of cruelty, that may not have seemed cruel at the time, just careless, or based in fear. But, someone was hurt, and usually, one of those someone’s was me, too.

Criminal :: Fiona Apple
from the album, Tidal

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