The thrill of the fight :: M5MO


My 5 Music Obsessions 

1. Eye of the Tiger :: Hollywood, Mon Amour, featuring Katrine Ottosen

“They stack the odds
still we take to the street
for the kill
with the skill
to survive.”


2. I Don’t Care What You Call Me :: David Ford

“Rain it on down.
What else can you throw at me
I haven’t heard before?”


3. She was Weird :: Pete Yorn

“And I felt her devastation,
we were lost in the fight,
and I knew I couldn’t leave her,
I would love her thru the night.”


4. Song for Zula :: Phosphorescent

“See, honey,
I saw love,
you see it came to me,
it puts its face up to my face
so I could see.
Yeah then I saw love, 
disfigure me,
into something I am not recognizing.”

5. Woke Up Hurting :: Frightened Rabbit

“I woke up hurting,
though I can’t quite say why.”


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