Come take my hand :: the 80’s


“You have to believe we are magic,
nothin’ can stand in our way.”

About the song:

“Magic” is an Olivia Newton-John song that originally came off of the Xanadu soundtrack, in 1980. The song went #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Charts, and stayed there for 4-weeks, beginning on August 2, 1980.

“Magic” was Olivia’s 25th American Chart Hit, and her 10th of 12 records to go Gold, or higher.

“Magic” was also Olivia’s biggest pop hit until “Physical” came around, in 1981. Billboard magazine ranked “Magic” as the 3rd most popular single of 1980.

In Canada, the song spend 2-weeks at #1. It also reached #4 in Australia, and #32 in the U.K.



My thoughts:

So, the Xanadu soundtrack was the first album I ever bought with my own money. I vividly remember walking to the local Montgomery Wards department store, with a ziploc baggie full of coins and dollar bills, all saved up from allowance I’d earned. The clerk was smirking, at first, at the eleven year old counting up dimes and quarters and nickels to pay for it. Me? I didn’t care at all, I was too busy being excited to be buying it myself. I couldn’t wait to get home and give it a spin.

When all else fails, Xanadu will always make me smile. My eleven year old self comes out and is still all enamored with Olivia Newton-John, and roller skating, and Tower Records (yes, its in that movie) and ELO and dance numbers with Gene Kelly…and especially thi song.

It does work a bit of magic on me.

Magic :: Olivia Newton-John
from the original soundtrack to Xanadu

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