But no one is ever gonna love you more than I do :: SOTD


“We’re reeling through an endless fall,
we are the ever-living ghost
of what once was.”

About the song:

“No One’s Gonna Love You” is the second single that was released off of Band Of Horses’ second album, Cease to Begin. The album was released in February, of 2008, and the song reached #22 on the Danish Charts.

The single received significant radio play, especially in their hometown of Seattle.


My thoughts:

There have  been quite a few cover versions of this song, but I do think that this live/acoustic version, from Seth Avett, is my favorite.

This song hits me in all those squishy bits, where love and longing and unrequited wishing resides. It sometimes makes me cry, and other times, it makes me feel giddy and heart-beat desirous. It is not meant to be a love song, I don’t think, but there are moments when it feels like it, to me. Or maybe I just make it into one.

Mostly, though, the melancholy and the sadness is what gets to me. It really has that “one that got away” quality, doesn’t it?

No One’s Gonna Love You (live) :: Seth Avett

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