“First you look so strong,
then you fade away.
The sun will blind my eyes,
I love you anyway.”

About the song:

“Vapour Trail” is the closing track of of Ride’s debut album, Nowhere, released in 1990. The song was later released as a single, in the U.S., in early 1991. Written by lead guitarist, Andy Bell, the song features a distinctive swirling guitar riff, a strong, fill-based drum beat, and a string quartet.

The song is Ride’s most recognized song.

The music video (see below) was directed by Kevin Kerslake. It consists of grainy, slowed-down, color negative footage of the band in a small town.


My thoughts:

“Vapour Trail” and songs by The Ocean Blue were part of a soundtrack that surround memories of an ex-boyfriend and me. Hearing this song takes me right back to late afternoons lying on the floor of my bedroom, talking, and not talking, while the music washed over us.

He was tall and lanky, hair always half-hanging in his face. People used to say he looked like Bobby from Twin Peaks. He liked to borrow my tee shirts, and mess around with my mother’s old guitar. He tried to learn to play this song, but he was really pretty awful at playing guitar.

Vapour Trail (1990) :: Ride
from the album, Nowhere

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