Got left where no one knows :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “Forge” :: Art by Kelly Vivanco

“And I felt her devastation,
we were lost in the fight,
and I knew I couldn’t leave her,
I would love her thru the night…”

yet still
by me

miles away
different time zones
countries divided
not just these endless state lines
yet still we connect

my lower-case catastrophe
the smell of petals spread like wildfire
swirling around me
as I drown in a caffeinated
wake-up call

I miss you seems too heady
with sentiment and wishings
but you know that I do
regardless of all that happens
despite that ticking of time

days away
different last names
hearts dividing
not just these collapsing last words
yet still we connect

She was Weird (live) :: Pete Yorn
originally from the album, ArrangingTime

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