Tonight You’re Mine :: MOTD


Tonight You’re Mine (2011)
Written by Thomas Leveritt
Directed by David Mackenzie

Nobody is going to save the planet but you folks, you know that? You cram a hundred thousand people together, no music. What do you get? A riot. You give them music, we all in this together. Music turns a mob into a movement.” ~ The Prophet


The closest you could be to a music festival without actually being at a music festival, Tonight You’re Mine honestly makes you feel like you are there, along with these characters, watching their experiences unfold. This is one of those movies that I love more and more with each new viewing, as I pick-up on nuances and moments that I missed before. I have such a love for “music movies”, and this one is definitely in my list of favorites.


It also gets me in that one day/night adventure genre that I love, as well. Movies like Modern Girls, The Breakfast Club and Go fit into the category, along with quite a few other favorite films of mine.

Two musicians, music lovers, independent souls — two strangers — are handcuffed together for a night, and part of a day, at a large music festival. Their current lovers and lives begin to fade and something is discovered between them. Is that why the random “prophet” did it? Had he seen their future, or was it just to prove a more universal point?


You smile like a girl.” ~ Morello

You’re incredibly beautiful.” ~ Adam



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