And you ruin who you love :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Christine Wu

“We were a stroke of luck.
We were a gold mine that gutted us.”

by me

No one ever left us alone
tangling limbs and wagging fingers
letters sent from mistaken destinations
that tore out our insides
leaving us dueling at dawn

Trust was the first thing to go
squinting eyes dimmed
under all the bright accusations
and the whirlwind of over-think
turning into a lover’s doubt

We lost ourselves in all of it
all the best parts now gone
and now somewhere bells are ringing
the choirs we preached at are turning to smile
because all we are now is over

and all they know now
is they won

Gold Mine Gutted (2005) :: Bright Eyes
from the album, Digital Ash In a Digital Urn

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