My Top 5 New Releases :: New Music Friday :: Week of 3/14/16


My Top 5 New Releases :: New Music Friday :: Week of 3/14/16

1. The Narrows :: Grant-Lee Phillips


Three-Sentence Review: Another favorite artist of mine that has left the City of Angels behind for Tennessee, and you can feel the influence of Los Angeles and Nashville in every track on The Narrows. There is such a sense of Americana on this album, with a city’s pulse vibrating around in the background, and the songs call to mind Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Pete Yorn and Jesse Malin. There is such a sense of story to these songs, a feeling of growing-up and into yourself, and a running thread of change that really resonates with me.

Initial Favorite Track(s): Tennesse Rain, Smoke and Sparks and San Andreas Fault

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5+

Smoke and Sparks (live, Sawyer Sessions)

2. Chaosmosis :: Primal Scream


Three-Sentence Review: Oh my stars, I love when you realize you’ve been missing a band or artist, but didn’t even realize you were missing them, just like NOW, because I sure the hell have been missing Primal Scream (and I didn’t even know it). The first song had me hopelessly devoted, and each consequtive track hasn’t let go. Sky Ferreira, is making her way through albums I love lately (also appearing on DIIV’s newest), and yay for Haim coming around and adding something special to this already awesome indie rock, with a side -order of 80’s sensibilities and a hefty dose of BRIT POP, new Primal Scream album.

Initial Favorite Track(s)Trippin’ On Your Love, (Feeilng like a) Demon Again and Autumn in Paradise

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5+

Trippin’ On Your Love

3. Girl at the End of the World :: James


Three-Sentence Review: A little more electro, a little more plugged in, a little more explosive, and still melodic, emotional, with those killer vocals of Tim Booth’s that blow me away. Pop sensibilities and a hopeful optimism abounds here in ways I’ve not heard previously (and I’ve been loving James since the 90’s, yes, yes I have), and it adds to the addictive nature of this album? I love the epic, Queen feel to Nothing But Love, my absolute favorite track on the album – turn it up and play it LOUDLY.

Initial Favorite Track(s): Bitch, Nothing But Love and Girl at the End of the World

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5

Nothing But Love

4. Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future :: Underworld


Three-Sentence Review: Dark, electric, a little gloomy, a little catchy, a lot addictive, this album makes me want to move. It reminds me of late nights in Hollywood clubs in the late 80’s/early 90’s in the very best way, and makes me miss dark rooms, membership cards, thumping beats over dark waves of sound, and the feel of bodies pressing together, dancing into the wee hours. This album is going to get so much car-play at night, especially through downtown LA.

Initial Favorite Track(s): I Exhale, Low Burn and Motorhome

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5

I Exhale

5. Post Pop Depression :: Iggy Pop


Three-Sentence Review: Josh Homme and Iggy, yeah, I’m all for that. Melodic rock, edge with a soul, sharp power with a heart, punk with something more modern and now, and all together a great listen. This one is a driving album, a late night album, a strong cup of coffee or a shot of Jameson album, especially Gardenia and Chocolate Drops.

Initial Favorite Track(s): Gardenia, Sunday and Chocolate Drops

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5


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