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Keep Art Alive :: Art by Sarah Joncas

for thinking that my love could hold you.
I’m crazy for trying,
and crazy for crying,
and I’m crazy for loving you.”

Stung (yet standing)
by me

It all just spreads
like a vined disbelief
a winged getaway
that takes hold
pulling at my fraying strings

This distance violates
turns soft skin sour
as the sharpest points erupt
into an ides of March
knife battle

She breaks bones
pulls teeth from the underworld
ropes and ties them together
into a cursed gold
that binds you to her side

While I say nothing
swallowing each poison like a Friday night shot
spreading my legs
like you are some kind of vaccine
curing my insides

But we were both crazy
thinking love ever wins
in dark alleys
far behind the far side
of your dynasty

Who the hell were we kidding

Crazy :: Patsy Cline

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