Desert Blue :: MOTD


Desert Blue (1998)
Written and Directed by Morgan J. Freeman


What’s wrong? We’re okay.”  ~ Blue Baxter

I know. Just having a fun time dying with you.” ~ Skye Davidson


I have been a big fan of Desert Blue since I happened on it, by chance, when renting movies on afternoon. The characters, the setting, the abandoned water park, all got under my skin and I’ve never forgotten any of it/them. As I mentioned in yesterday’s “Movie of the Day” (Gas Food Lodging), a novel I am working on and off on is set in a town much like this one, and shares a certain feeling that permeates this film.


So, now that we know everything, what do you say we just pretend that we know nothing...” ~ Caroline Baxter

The soundtrack is a slice of 90’s that I like to aurally devour now and again. I love that it includes some artists that rarely are heard from, or played, nowadays, like Bic Runga, Ben Lee and The Candyskins. The soundtrack also includes songs by Nancy Sinatra, Janis Ian and Lulu, as well.

Lonely Lola Cherry Cola Girl :: Bic Runga


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