And honey, you might come with me :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Sarah Joncas

“If you do . . .
I’ll spare the innocent ones
and take you with me –
together we will be drifters free.”

Fight or Flight
by me

We left in the middle of one lost hour
time changing us
the left hand splitting in two
the number five punctuating
our silent goodbye

We spin around in the cloud cover
but don’t worry baby
it all burns away by noon

We have no wings left
Angeles and anger took them over
throwing love into the cracks
of San Andreas and that girl who peddles animal bones
 to the highest bidder

We scream alibis into canyon fires
but don’t worry love
it all washes away by noon

He offered the gift of flight
coupled with a dark heart spewing poison
like a desert rain
that I soaked myself in 
trying to forget the sound of your name

But oh how lovely his hands can be

So now we swim in the ashen remains

but don’t worry honey

I will be gone for good
by noon

Cowboy Romance (1995) :: Natalie Merchant
from the album, Tigerlily

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