Countdown to Pete Yorn’s ArrangingTime :: Day 9 of 11


Countdown to Pete Yorn’s ArrangingTime :: Day 9 of 11

Can you believe it’s Day 9? We are so close now! Very soon we can all be spinning ArrangingTime together, and discussing our Top 5 favorites of the new album. In the meantime, let’s talk about a six-song EP that Pete did , back in 2006, that I just love. I was able to find a copy of it a few months ago, on CD, and it has been in heavy rotation in my car ever since.

As a reminder, if you haven’t pre-ordered the album yet, if you click here and are among the next 200 VINYL orders your album will be signed. There’s still time! Also, though, you can order the album as a digital download, or as a CD – click here, as well as other fun merchandise (tee shirts, hats, past albums) – click here.

And if you have Apple Music, you can screen the entire album early – right now.

Pete is playing in Paris today, the second date of his tour. I cannot recommend enough seeing Pete live, if you can. The current tour dates can be seen here. I’ll be at the San Francisco one, and hopefully more later in the year.


Westerns (2006)

Some thoughts:

The Westerns EP was available during the Summer 2006 “You & Me” Acoustic Tour (both in-store performances and concerts), as well as some locations for the subsequent Nightcrawler tour.

It includes the song, The Man, a duet with Natalie Maines, that also appeared on the full-length album, Nightcrawler. The EP also features a second duet with Maines, the song Don’t Mean Nothing.

I feel hard and fast for Pete’s cover of Never My Love (The Associations) on this EP, and also have big love for The Good Advice, that I got to see/hear Pete play live during last year’s You & Me tour.

The Good Advice was the reason I started my search for this EP.

I love the country-infused influence at work on this album, but how it still has Pete’s unique, indie-rock-pop-alt sound, too. This is a must-have for any Pete Yorn fan’s discography collection.


My Top 2:

Not all the songs are available on YouTube, and there are only six songs on the EP. That said, I love all of them and encourage you to search out the EP for yourself – it’s an amazing set of songs.

2. Never My Love

“What makes you think love will end,
when you know that my whole life depends
on you?”

1. The Good Advice
(I could only find it live)


“Baby, in your arms,
I don’t think once, baby once,
baby twice.”


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