Countdown to Pete Yorn’s ArrangingTime :: Day 7 of 11

We’ve made it to Day 7 and we’ve made it through three of Pete’s solo albums, along with a few other countdown “Top 5’s”, as we patiently (or impatiently) wait for the release of ArrangingTime this Friday, March 11. The countdown is getting to the final days as we work our way to the end of the week, and today marks another look at Pete’s solo discography, this time with album #4, Back and Fourth (yes, “Fourth” as in 4 – clever, clever).

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Pete’s tour starts today, in Berlin, Germany, at Gruener Salon. I cannot recommend enough seeing Pete live, if you can. The current tour dates can be seen here. I’ll be at the San Francisco one, and hopefully more later in the year.

He is also on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” today as one of her guests.


Back & Fourth (2009)

Some thoughts:

Back & Fourth was the first album of Pete’s that I ran out and bought the day of release, taking off at lunch to hit the closest record store in Burbank, on a Tuesday afternoon (back when new releases were a Tuesday-thing), and playing it loudly in my car on the way back to the office. This was an immediate love for me, this album, and all the songs on it.

This album felt immediately like one long story coming together in a cohesion and flow that was missing in the previous album. Though the characters and sung-tales do not seem to be about the same person, the album on a whole still plays out like an epic novel, with flashbacks and supporting characters, side plots, and climaxes. There is love here, and heartbreak, longing and loss, nostalgia and future hopefulness, as well as an overarching beautiful melancholy that pulls just as hard on my feelings as it did that first afternoon.

The album includes three of my all-time favorite Pete-songs: Close, Social Development Dance and Long Time Nothing New.


My Top 5:

5. Don’t Wanna Cry

This song earned its place for me in the ultimate break-up/getting over a broken heart musical collection, and has been included in many a mix CD and playlist when I’ve been faced with heartbreak, or when good friends are trying “not to cry”, or needing that “good cry” to get over the end of a relationship. Lyrically, this song goes through the stages of grief, and is the perfect companion to when you are dealing with love lost. And like with crying, this song has gifted me a sense of feeling better, even if briefly, when nursing my own broken heart in the past.

“Turn the lights down low and close the door,
and try to feel the way I felt before.”

4. Shotgun

In some ways Shotgun is the flipside of Don’t Wanna Cry. It plays out like either the start of a relationship, or a second start, when you’ve decided to give it another go. For me, this song became a companion during a relationship that had a few stops-and-starts. It has also been a go-to song when I’ve needed to sort myself out on my own. I think it speaks to both the idea of being coupled, and the idea of being on your own in order to fix what went wrong while being coupled. There’s a reality here, not a sugar-coated love song with a happy ending, but a complicated love song that may, or may not, work out in the end. I think we all know what that can feel like.

“Yeah baby,
I needed some time,
to figure out my shit.
Still walking
through the mines;
explosions never far.”

3. Social Development Dance

A seemingly very personal song about someone no longer in the world. This song always makes me cry, and remember someone dear that I lost, too. It reminds me, too, of how I try to remember – the life, and not the death.

This song is incredible live.

“I never learned how you had died,
but I knew how you had lived.”

2. Close

This one hits on a very personal note to me, and has memories attached to it that I’m still not ready to write about.

Maybe someday.

I love the Spanish sound that come in towards the end. It reminds me of my Grandfather, and the music he loved.

“Just stay close,
wait for the stars,
until they realign,
just like the first time.”

1. Long Time Nothing New

I am on the cusp of tremendous change in my life, some that I’ve been readying myself for, and some that just came up in that “rug pulled out” kind of way. I am a lover of change, of new starts, of the unknown, but this time around I am full of panic and fear. This song feels like a buoy in the middle of a stormy ocean, it feels like a light in a great darkness, and it feels like hope.

I’ve always loved this song, but right now it means so much more than it ever did. I’m incredibly grateful for it.

“Same old town,
loose sense surround me,
always drags you down –
don’t let it get you down.”


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