The Name Game :: Friday Music Theme :: A Playlist
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A Letter to Elise :: The Cure
For Nancy (‘Cos it Already Is) :: Pete Yorn
Rhiannon :: Fleetwood Mac
Emmylou :: First-Aid Kit
Laura :: Bat For Lashes
C’mon Billy :: PJ Harvey
Kim :: Ryan Adams
Goodnight Elisabeth :: Counting Crows
Daniel :: Elton John
Alison :: Elvis Costello
What Katie Did :: The Libertines
James :: The Bangles
Roxy :: Concrete Blonde
Amie :: Damien Rice
Michelle :: The Beatles
Angie :: The Rolling Stones
Mustang Sally :: Wilson Pickett
Jane Says :: Jane’s Addiction
Zak and Sera :: Ben Folds
Bette Davis Eyes :: Kim Carnes
Danny’s Song :: Loggins & Messina
Lola :: The Kinks
Billie Jean :: The Civil Wars
Roxanne :: The Police
Jenny was a Friend of Mine :: The Killers
Angry Johnny :: Poe
Alex Chilton :: The Replacements
Alison’s Starting to Happen:: The Lemonheads
Josephine :: The Wallflowers
Jupiter & Teardrop :: Grant Lee Buffalo

14 thoughts on “The Name Game :: Friday Music Theme :: A Playlist

      1. There are so so many….and the only one coming to my mind right now is that weird old one that goes something like “Johnny get angry Johnny get mad. Give me the best something blabla I ever had” And then that just made me think of that Poe song with Angry Johnny and now that just made me think of “Johnny Angel” and I guess I can only think up Johnny songs right now.

      1. Hmmmm…I’m gonna think it over and make sure I get back to you, not that you NEED to hear my 2 cents thrown in, because it sounds like an excellent little project to free up my mind and lemme play some music.

      2. I do NEED to hear your 2 cents. I do. I do. And a project that frees minds and encourages music playing is ALWAYS a good idea.

        FYI – the movie came today!!! I want to watch it NOW but I have too many papers to write!

      3. Hooray to that! No worries! I can probably say more after you see it but you’ll probably agree with me, I think, on what would’ve made the movie better (which I think I noted a little before or maybe I meant to) but it’s a movie I really liked and like anyway and it’s faults are kind of small but it’s not like “THIS MOVIE WILL BE YOUR FAVORITE” it’s just a decent movie that’s completely watchable and I like the ideas and story and cast and I don’t know I just like it but if you don’t when you get to it, it’s ok! Plus I appreciate that it’s a female writer/director (Melissa Painter and I don’t know what else she’s done) so the women characters were written by a women. Always a plus.

      4. ALWAYS a plus. I’m always on the look out for female written and/or directed films. And not every movie has to be YOUR FAVORITE…I like plenty of movies just because I like them, even if they are flawed.

  1. I like that and that’s realistic and true. There are loads of movies I just love and that’s all there is too it. A lot of them share a certain quality and sometimes it’s as simple as it held my interest and I cared what happened and anything that wasn’t right in the movie just fell away anyway. I love when I just LOVE certain movies the way I did as a little girl (like seeing Beetlejuice or Ghostbusters for the first time). No idea about box office results, ratings & critics, message boards comments or “buzz”…I just saw trailers and commercials, saw the movies and either got into them or didn’t. It’s a pleasure to just go into something and not have any of that stuff on my mind and have a movie viewing be completely pure, as much as possible (especially in this day & age of the internet and everything being ranked and all that.) I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently actually so I love how you put it: not every movie has to be YOUR FAVORITE…I like plenty of movies just because I like them, even if they are flawed. Cheers to that.

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