I don’t wanna sleep :: Under the Covers


“And I meant,
every word I said –
when I said that I love you I meant
that I love you forever.”

Late last night/early this morning a friend introduced me to this dreamy, ethereal, dark and lush sounding band called Cigarettes After Sex. One of their songs is this stunner of a cover of REO Speedwagon’s song, Keep On Loving You. This cover, it turns the song on its head and transforms it into something sultry and sexy, gorgeously seductive, and int a very emotionally charged love song.

Keep On Loving You :: Cigarettes After Sex

The original always had this jadedness to it, to me; pain and anger weaved into the plea that I always loved you even if I know you are unfaithful, and hey, don’t think I don’t know. But this version transcends that bitterness into something that feels hopeful, persistent and unyielding. There is a cord that weaves through this version that is both sensual and strong, that presents both an understanding, and a defiance that says “we are in this together”. The love survives, and I’m listening and feeling like, “Yeah, I get it. I believe it,” even if I would not feel the same if this story-song was me.


The musical presentation – the orchestration – is cinematic, gorgeous really. It gives me chills.

And my oh my , it becomes one hell of a sexy song. Just listen to it, and yes, you may need a cigarette after the experience.

Keep On Loving You :: REO Speedwagon

“Cause it was us baby,
way before then,
and we’re still together.”

Also, I completely forgot about this original video, and the therapy session in the beginning.

Why is the band playing dominoes in tuxedos? Though I wouldn’t mind my own telephone-guitar. Would I be able to call music then?


3 thoughts on “I don’t wanna sleep :: Under the Covers

  1. Lush, ethereal…so perfect of a description. I like the Donnas version too though because it has this youthful desperation in it but it’s more rock and roll and unkempt which doesn’t compare to the dark, pretty sound Cigarettes After Sex came out with.You’ve definitely done this cover justice with your write-up. It makes the song so that it can be taken seriously. It transforms something cheesy into something deeper.

    True story: Sometime in the late 90s REO Speedwagon came through Buffalo and ordered food at Berrafato’s where my friend’s sister worked. As she took their order at the register one of the guys asked her “Do you know who we are? We’re from REO Speedwagon.” She was like “Ok?”

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