Cocteau Twins :: My Top 10


Cocteau Twins :: My Top 10

A friend of mine tipped me to The Guardian’s Top 10 List of Cocteau Twins which got me thinking how my Top 10 would compare. So, as lists are some of my most favorite things, and I am in a rather emotional mood this week (Cocteau Twins is just such perfect music to emote to/feel ennui to), I thought today might as well be the day to compile my list. So, here it goes…my ten favorite Cocteau Twins…what would your list look like?

10. Know Who You Are at Every Age
from the album, Four-Calendar Cafe

“I’m not real and I deny,
I won’t heal unless I cry.
I can’t grieve,
so I won’t grow.
I won’t heal ’til I let it go.”

9. Ivo
from the album, Treasure

“Peep hole,
peach blow,
Pale leaf,
pink sweet,


8. Cherry-Coloured Funk
from the album, Heaven of Las Vegas

“And should I be hugged and tugged
down through this tiger’s masque.
And should I be sung and unbroken
by not saying.”

7. Persephone
from the album, Treasure

“Here’s what it takes.”


6. Carolyn’s Fingers
from the album, Blue Bell Knoll

“When he said,
‘You are full of love’,
she fell down into this dirty mess.”

5. Garlands
from the album, Garlands

“I could die in a rosary.”


4. Evangeline
from the album, Four-Calendar Cafe

“There is no going back.
I can’t stop feeling now.”

3. Heaven or Las Vegas
from the album, Heaven or Las Vegas

“But you’re much more brighter than the sun is to me.”


2. Lorelei
from the album, Treasure

“And we can go,
and we can go.”

1. Wax & Wane
from the album, Garlands

“The devil bites dirty –
we wax and we wane.”


8 Replies to “Cocteau Twins :: My Top 10”

      1. Can that please be Valentine’s Day moving forward…from now on? I’d be all about that kind of Valentine’s (as I loathe the commercialized-Hallmark-ized one).


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