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Keep Art Alive :: Photo by Brian Lowe
Pete Yorn at Apogee Studios
Santa Monica, California
February 23, 2016

Last night I had the privilege of seeing Pete Yorn, with his new touring band, play at Apogee Studios in Santa Monica for Jason Bentley’s hosted KCRW radio show. The interview and 10 song set will play on KCRW, and be featured on their website, on March 11.

March 11 is a special day for Pete Yorn fans, as it marks the release of the long-awaited, sixth solo album, ArrangingTime. You can pre-order the album on Pete’s website – click here – and you can also check-out his tour dates and get yourself a set of tickets – I’ll be going to the San Francisco show in April- which show will you be at?

I don’t want to spoil anything about the KCRW show. I won’t mention the songs performed except to say many of my favorites were played. I will also say that the show was incredible, Pete and the band sounded fantastic, and the venue was phenomenal in terms of acoustics and energy. I encourage you to tune in on March 11 and have a listen – oh, and pick up the album, too.

There were no photos or phones allowed during the show, so the photos included are from two different photographers, and were taken pre and/or post show (you can click on their names and see some of their other great work, too).

While we all wait patiently for March 11, I will leave you with a comprehensive Pete Yorn playlist that includes almost two hours of my favorite songs of Pete’s. Stay tuned for the week of March 11 when I will do a countdown to the album, and, of course, on the day, review the album and the KCRW live show.

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Keep Art Alive :: Photograph by Jim Wright

Pete Yorn :: My Favorite Tracks
Listen here on Spotify

Crystal Village
Lost Weekend
Kellen Winslow
On Your Side
The Man
Strange Condition
Wanna Feel It (The Olms)
Someday (featuring Scarlett Johansson)
Knew Enough to Know Nothing at All 
Summer was a Day
Someone Else’s Girl (The Olms)
Stronger Than
Social Development Dance
Turn of the Century
Long Time Nothing New

Come Back Home
Don’t Wanna Cry

Splendid Isolation

Rock Crowd
Sleep Better
Life on a Chian
All at Once
Lose You

Maybe I’m Right
For Nancy (‘Cos It Already Is)

And here’s little “Lost Weekend” for you – from the upcoming album, ArrangingTime

5 thoughts on “Pete Yorn at Apogee Studios with KCRW: A Teaser

    1. It was an incredible show – I was lucky to get to go. He’s one of my favorites, definitely, super talented, and a genuinely good guy, too – makes it easy to be passionate and supportive.

      I hope you get to see him live during the tour.

      1. It sounds like an exclusive show, so that is very cool. They should’ve selected you and sat you in the front because you’re possible the #1 fan or something quite close to that and they should give you free tickets to everything! And throw in a shirt and some snacks too.

      2. It was. Awww, that’s sweet, but the music itself is enough – and if I can turn on some new fans to his music then I’m happy. I enjoy being enthusiastic about music and musicians/bands I love 🙂

        Free snacks wouldn’t be said no to, though…

      3. You are enthusiastic and you do introduce music, and his music, to new ears. People who try to seem too cool for school and aren’t enthusiastic about anything EVER–so boring. I’ll be over here having fun and enjoying myself.

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