Inside a chapel of shiny apples :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “Quiet Echo” :: Art by Kelly Vivanco

“Tear up the photograph –
cause it’s a bright blue sky.”

Behind the Chapel
(by me)

We palm apple seeds
their tiny lives to trade
and bury deep in dying soil
digging until we find less dry land

You reach for my hand
leading me down your side of the street
fifteen squares of sidewalk
be careful not to slip on the cracks

We will leave here soon,”
you whisper
as if truth is only true
in a quiet reverence

I broke away
giving chase to a late Summer day
tossing the seeds in mid-air
hoping you’ll follow

But never looking back

The last time I saw you
we buried your brother under that blooming tree
a skinny blonde standing at your side
her eyes tearless and dry

Holding a hand that used to be mine

Chapel Song (2011) :: Augustines
From the album, Rise Ye Sunken Ships

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