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Keep Art Alive :: “Untitled (Grey Portrait)” :: Art by Esao Andrews

“I’m a wheel going round
in a mirror house.
I made no way out.

But you have feels about
holding on
to everything that’s come 
and gone.”

Last day
by me

Crooked door frame
squeaks as I push through
keys slipped back in my pocket
my hair hanging loose
you say “I need to oil that”
without looking up
as a hello

This is a Sunday
the last of the month
a mid-day sun seeps into the room
I don’t belong here
among five guitars
six bookshelves
a second-hand lamp shade that’s falling apart

I don’t belong here
with you

Tiny Dancer skips at the second verse
“maybe you should try it sometime.”
I say
looking in the opposite direction
out the window
a young boy is riding his skateboard
waving goodbye

This is the last day
the first of so many
we’ll wish on and swear on
as the sky turns a pinkish-yellow
I don’t belong here
among the remnants of another life
breaking promises
next to that poster of From Dusk Til Dawn

I don’t belong here
with me

Impossible Winner :: The Dead Weather

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