Supernatural Songs :: Friday Five


Supernatural Songs :: Friday Five 


It may not be Halloween, but its always time for a little spooky, supernatural goodness in my world. I’m a horror girl, a grown-up goth, and a lover of the dark and macabre. So, let’s take a dip into the creepy and cool, and listen to five supernatural kind of songs, shall we?

I’d love to hear what your top five would be – share in the comments.

1. Season of the Witch :: Donovan

“When I look out my window, 
many sights to see.
And, when I look in my window,
so many different people to be.
That it’s strange –
so strange.”

2. Haunted (When the Minutes Drag) :: Love & Rockets

“I trace the outline of your eyes,
we’re in the mirror hypnotized and haunted.
I find a solitary hair gone and still I reminisce,
I’m haunted.”

3. The Ghost in You :: The Psychedelic Furs

“Inside you,
the time moves,
and she don’t fade.
The ghost in you,
she don’t fade.”

4. Starman (live) :: David Bowie

“There’s a starman waiting in the sky,
he’d like to come and meet us,
but he thinks he’d blow our minds.”

5. Daniel :: Cat Power

“When I run in the dark, Daniel.
To a place that’s vast, Daniel.
Under a sheet of rain in my heart, Daniel.
I dream of home.”


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      1. I happen to be sitting here and the little comment icon just lit up!
        I DO SOUND SPAMMY. I need to knock that off. But I was pleased! Supernatural songs is one of the best topics!

      2. It is such a good topic BUT 5 was so not enough!!! I could have gone on and on and on. What’s a supernatural song you like?

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