My Top 5 New Releases :: New Music Friday :: Week of 2/1/16


My Top 5 New Releases :: New Music Friday :: Week of 2/1/16

1. Halifax :: Pete Yorn
from the upcoming album, ArrangingTime


Three-Sentence Review: The first time I heard Halifax was during last year’s YouandMe tour – and I loved it from first listen. Halifax was released today, and it is one of those songs that immediately stuck in my head, and that I’d been waiting/anticipating to get a recorded version of. I love how it immediately starts lyrically, the way the sung-story is both mysterious and relatable, and the dreamy-melancholic-longing that permeates the feel and tone of the song – love it.

Initial Favorite Track(s): N/A (single)

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5+


2. Heaven Adores You Elliott Smith Soundtrack


Three-Sentence Review: I’ve never gotten over my love for Elliott Smith, his music lives in me and is part of me, and always will be. I am I’ve not been able to see the documentary yet (soon, I hope) but this collection of music put together for it is just amazing. The live tracks, the demos and early versions, and rare songs – this is such a gift.

Initial Favorite Track(s)Waltz #1 (demo), I Love My Room and Miss Misery (live on Late Night with Conan O’Brien)

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5+

I Love My Room

3. Night Thoughts :: The London Suede


Three-Sentence Review: I love when an album comes out, from a band you love, that you had no idea was on its way. Night Thoughts is cinematic, lush, layered, haunting/chilling, melodic, kinda epic and so damn gorgeous – and just what I needed to hear right now. The vocals – oh my stars, Brett Anderson – they are breathtaking.

Initial Favorite Track(s)When You are Young, No Tomorrow and I Can’t Give Her What She Wants

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5+

No Tomorrow

4. Lost Property :: Turin Brakes


Three-Sentence Review: Turin Brakes is one of those artists/duos that I discovered via The OC (the song Painkiller), and whose music got my attention and had me listening ever since. This new release is moody, but full of hope, and just has this “take me on a road trip” feel to it that I’m digging. This is going to be one of those albums that I love more with each consecutive listen.

Initial Favorite Track(s): Keep Me Around, The Quiet Ones and Save You

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5

Keep Me Around

5. Anti :: Rihanna


Three-Sentence Review: Pop with an edge, Rihanna is kick-ass glorious (she’s a force, I tell you, and has quite a voice), and though I’m not typically a fan of heavily produced music, this album has me wanting to dance, feel and turn the volume way up. I’m also kind of mad in love with the edgy soul-infused love song, Love on the Brain, which has a Prince sound and feel to me. Oh, and Close to You is just heartbreakingly gorgeous.

Initial Favorite Track(s): Kiss it Better, Love on the Brain and Close to You

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5

Love on the Brain


    1. Isn’t it so good??? He is one of my all-time favorite artists and I tend to love all his music, but this new album is going to be something special. I know you heard Summer was a Day (the song you likened to Paranoid Android/Radiohead), but have you heard the other song he’s released from the upcoming album – Lost Weekend?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think I have but I remember that song, I really did like it and maybe I’m becoming a fan because so far anything you’ve posted that I heard by him was not just pretty good or likeable they were outstanding.


      1. This is so odd and haunting and emotional and tragic and beautiful – I really, really loved it (also, shirtless in the shower ;-))

        The video reminded me of the movie Ex-Machina. Have you seen it?

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      2. I actually do like that song a lot, it’s really sad & delicate (that’s such a corny word!) and I like the singer’s voice (who plays the robot girlfriend-in-a-box). His hair, his hair! My favorite part is his hair.

        I have seen Ex Machina!! I’m a big fan of Alex Garland too. You’re right there are some parallels between the two and just a general uncomfortable feeling in some ways. I could just dissect this music video to bits because there’s really so much to talk about even though it appears to be super simple, it is visually, but not otherwise.

        I’d put Ex Machina in my top 5 for the year, I thought it was a masterpiece really.


      3. I’m not sure how far my procrastination will go but sometimes over the next two weeks I’m sending you a little something, so you can look forward to that=)


      4. Yes…it really, really is. I love the video, too. The album is out early March. I can’t wait. He is who I’m going to San Francisco to see. I saw him live last year, in April, three shows (acoustic, just him and a guitar). This tour will be with a full band. If you get the chance to ever see him live I highly recommend it.


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