So go easy on yourself :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “The Hangover” :: Art by Esao Andrews

“If only to say this to you now –
I love you still,
and I always will.”

Beneath the Lie
by me
Old writing ~ Originally from August 2004

I walk through the world
with veils
layers of disguise
the paste and staples
hold this together
all my malfunction
and glee
I like to play with
tricks of light
hide within my words
weave together
and collapse
with my tongue
confusing you
at every turn
or not
but some nights
when we fall into
with your right arm around me
hair tangling in mine
I think you see
all this mess
that is
reading between
the lines of my skin
but you close your
kiss me anyway
despite all these
in my soul

Go Easy :: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
from the album, Cardinology

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