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February 4, 2004
Musical 10

(back when I put “u” in my favorites and didn’t capitalize anything)

1. what are your favourite romantic/”love” songs? how
about anti-“love” songs?

love songs: ‘in my life’ the beatles
‘murder of one’ counting crows
‘a case of you’ joni mitchell
‘slave to love’ bryan ferry
‘this love’ craig armstrong + elisabeth fraser

anti-love songs: ‘untouchable face’ ani difranco
‘you suck’ the murmurs
‘barely breathing’ duncan sheik
‘troy’ sinead o’connor
‘northern lad’ tori amos

2. what was the last song that you heard? did you sing along?

‘the chauffer’ duran duran — and you know i sang along! 😉

3. what are your favourite t.v. theme songs?

‘my so-called life’
‘twin peaks’
‘six feet under’
‘the sopranos’
‘sanford and son’

4. what are your favourite movie soundtracks?

‘pretty in pink’
‘stealing beauty’
‘henry and june’
‘until the end of the world’
‘the royal tennenbaums’
‘some kind of wonderful’

5. what songs remind you of adolescence?

‘stand and deliver’ adam ant
‘if you leave’ omd
‘hold back the rain’ duran duran
‘dancing with myself’ billy idol
‘hero takes a fall’ the bangles
‘dear prudence’ siouxie and the banshees
‘west end girls’ pet shop boys
‘only you’ yaz
‘making plans for nigel’ squeeze
‘shake the disease’ depeche mode
‘our lips are sealed’ the go-go’s

ack. i could go on. and on. and on.

6. what is your favourite album cover?

duran duran ‘rio’
tori amos ‘little earthquakes’
sinead o’connor ‘the lion and the cobra’
siouxsie and the banshees ‘peep show’
kate bush ‘the sensual world’
fleetwood mac ‘rumors’
bauhaus ‘in the flat field’
david bowie ‘tonight’

7. what was the first album you bought? do you still own it?

the first one i bought was ‘xanadu’ original soundtrack. and yes, i still own it. the first non-kids album given to me was shaun cassidy. i have that one, too.

8. what are your favourite songs to dance to (can be dancing alone songs, too)?

‘hot child in the city’ nick gilder
‘sex dwarf’ soft cell
‘burning up’ madonna
‘suffragette city’ david bowie
‘anything goes’ guns n’ roses

again, i could go on and on. i do love to dance.

9. what songs do you most typically choose from a jukebox?

depends on the jukebox. a favourite one i play air, the smiths, the pixies and ani difranco!

10. if you had to make a song list for your funeral, what would you want included to sum up your life, so to speak?

‘famous blue raincoat’ leonard cohen
‘silent all these years’ tori amos
‘carry me home’ the murmurs
‘colorblind’ counting crows
‘avalon’ roxy music
‘save a prayer’ duran duran

maybe more that i would add, but those for sure.

Listen to them in one playlist via Spotify here

4 thoughts on “Musical Ten :: #TBT

    1. I’ve been having fun reacquainting myself with old livejournal posts…fun/interesting to see the music from awhile back, and to notice the songs I still love/listen to often, and some that I may have forgotten about.

      1. Those songs you forgot and then with them floods back a million different memories too!
        Do you feel like “Yep, this is still me” or like “She’s who I was in 2004”?

      2. A little of both. More of the former actually…I tend to keep music I love as music I love for a long time. But, some of the questions/answers is a “who I was in 2004” – for sure. ANd yes, lots of floods of memories.

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