Keep Art Alive :: “Guadiana” :: Art by Esao Andrews

“Do you wish you were here,
like I wish I was with you?”

(by me)

Nine hours across the water
as I soak in this ocean
sloughing off the decay of reasons
as all our alibis
slide down the drain

This trial separation
that we never planned
has miles to it
markers and arrival gates
and postcards pending

we trade wish you were here
with wish I was long gone
through the phone lines
through the ether
through eyes turning far away

Nine hours across the water
as I drain my ocean out
drying off the beads of reacting
as all our promises
fall to pieces on the floor

Tu me manques.
Je t’aime encore.
Tu m’as brise le coeur.

Do You Love Me Now? :: The Breeders
from the album, Last Splash (1993)

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