One of my favorite artists, Kat Robichaud, wrote and performed a song for David Bowie last Friday at her Misfit Cabaret.

I wish I’d been there to see it, but am utterly grateful that she recorded it and shared it.

Here is what Kat wrote about it on her Facebook:

I have a new song for you all.

I wrote a song for David Bowie after he passed and performed it for the first time at my Misfit Cabaret on Friday.
It was extremely hard for me to sing this song without crying.
Thank you to everyone who was in the crowd. You were incredibly supportive. xo
If you love the song, please share it.

If you love David Bowie, please share his music with the newer generations.

The song is beautiful and made me cry – a lot. The overwhelming emotions, the outpouring, the collective grief and the rush of creativity that is flowing because of Bowie’s life, and his passing, is inspiring and moving, and yes, keeps him alive for all of us.

Thank you, Kat, for this song, for your music, and for you. xoxo.

Song for David Bowie (live) :: Kat Robichaud


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