But I’m just sayin’ hi :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “The Stray” :: Art by Esao Andrews

“Did I run?
I thought I was walkin’
through your inexhaustible gale.
The names are changed
but the constellations
are still fallin’ –
Oh girl,
if you could only tell.”

by me

They say bad luck comes in threes
so I open my umbrella outside
give Camilla a widespread berth
her beasty-black fur glistening in the rain
and play hopscotch on the sidewalk
to miss all those maternal traps

I ask for just one sugar for my coffee
palming two extra packets on the way out
hiding my addictions
like a young girl stealing candy
stuffing secrets in the right side pocket
of this second-hand overcoat

Its lonely here without you now
the bed’s grown exponentially in the last three months
my legs and arms stretch and splay
trying for purchase of all this new land
but it all feels so desolate
as my body continues to shrink in this space

These are the days of rainstorms and apple cores
thrown out for a gathering murder of crows
they caw out in a three-penny operetta
I memorize the words to sing-a-long
three weeks ago I learned how to forget to eat again
pretty soon I’ll blow right away

like a thistle down wish
like another girl’s luck
like that old saying
that third time’s the charm
like the spinning web of Charlotte
like the birds I scare away

and like the love I once thought
was all the luck we’d ever

Answering Bell :: Ryan Adams
from the album, Gold (2001)