Happy Five Years at lyriquediscorde


Five years at lyriquediscorde. In some ways it seems so much longer, but that probably has to do with how many years I have been blogging, from my years at livejournal to two stints at blogspot, and even a flirtation with diaryland once upon a time. lyriquediscorde has become home though, to my words and my love of music and film. I appreciate the discoveries I’ve made through this space, the music I’ve discovered, the films I’ve seen, and the readers, and fellow bloggers, I’ve come to know. It has been quite a five year stretch and I’m grateful for it all – and look forward to five more here at lyriquediscorde.

As always, I’d love to hear from you who read and listen here. I’d love to know what features you’d like to see more of, what features you miss, or are tired of, and recommendations of music to listen to and films to watch (books and tv shows, too).

In honor of my five years here I offer up a gift of music to you all – a playlist that you can listen to on Spotify here. Hope you all enjoy! Happy five years and thank you for spending them with me at lyriquediscorde.


Five years of lyriquediscorde :: An Anniversary Playlist
Listen here at Spotify

Five Years :: David Bowie
Music When the Lights Go Out :: The Libertines
Metal Guru :: T-Rex
Touch, Feel & Lose :: Ryan Adams
Wild Horses :: The Rolling Stones
Time Spent in Los Angeles :: Dawes
Roxy :: Concrete Blonde
Gypsy Faded :: Joseph Arthur
Mystery :: Jimmy Gnecco
Strange Condition :: Pete Yorn
We’re Going to be Friends :: The White Stripes
Just One of the Guys :: Jenny Lewis
Polyester Bride :: Liz Phair
It’s a Shame About Ray :: The Lemonheads
Without You Here :: Holly Golightly
Halah :: Mazzy Star
Let it Rain :: Carl Barât & The Jackals
Cheap & Cheerful :: The Kills
Uh Oh :: Kat Robichaud & The Darling Misfits
Gentleman :: July Talk
Love My Way :: The Psychedelic Furs
Agape :: Bear’s Den
You Said Something :: PJ Harvey
Bring it On Home to Me :: Sam Cooke
Catapult :: Counting Crows
Say Yes :: Elliott Smith
If the Brakeman Turns Your Way :: Bright Eyes
Just Like Heaven :: The Cure
Vienna :: Tony Lucca
Tangled Up in Blue :: Bob Dylan

Thanks for five years xoxo
Laura at lyriquediscorde

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