Top Ten Songs About Los Angeles :: Top Ten Tuesday


1. Angeles :: Elliott Smith

“I could make you satisfied in everything you do,
all your ‘Secret wishes’ could right now be coming true,
and be forever
with my poison arms
around you.”

2. La Cienega Just Smiled :: Ryan Adams

“La Cienega just smiles and says,
‘I’ll see you around’.”

3. Strange Condition :: Pete Yorn

“You know you’re the best thing ever
to come out of this place.”

4. Time Spent in Los Angeles :: Dawes

“But you got that special kind of sadness,
you got that tragic set of charms,
that only comes from time spent in Los Angeles,
makes me wanna wrap you in my arms.

5. Let Me Back In :: Rilo Kiley

“But when the palm trees bow their heads,
no matter how wrong I’ve been,
you always let me back in.”


6. L.A. Song :: Beth Hart

“She hangs around the boulevard,
she’s a local girl
with local scars.”

7. Tiny Dancer :: Elton John

“Blue jean baby,
L.A. lady,
seamstress for the band.
Pretty eyed,
pirate smile,
you’ll marry a music man.”

8. A Sorta Fairytale :: Tori Amos

“Things you said that day,
up on the 101 –
the girl had come undone.”

9. Hotel California :: Eagles

“Some dance to remember,
some dance to forget.”

10. Still in Hollywood :: Concrete Blonde

“And on the bus today,
I met the queen of L.A. –
at least she said she was and who am I to say?
She was sixty-five and full of life,
she had purple-painted cheeks
and glitter on her eyes.”


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