Never :: SOTD


“You wonder if this heart of mine,
will lose its desire
for you – 
never, my love.”

Close your eyes to see
by me

Ageless, timeless, something for the books
as they say,
not that we know them
not that we care

Taking long shot bets
on us, not them
only long-distance swimmers
will survive

You whisper that no one thinks it will last.

We toss around words like never and always
as if they are interchangeable
as if words mean nothing at all

But words are like magic
talismans to the craft we both call our own
and love is just a construct
a game of chance meant to lose

Yet I know that I love you
regardless, in spite of, and just because

I whisper that stranger things have happened

This girl without faith
with a broken hearted track record
and holes filled with doubts

Still I’m jumping
choking on salt water and mix metaphors
promising never and always

to our wide eyed forever

Never My Love :: The Association

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