Rest in peace, Glen Frey. Thanks for the music.

“And I wanna sleep with you in the desert tonight
with a billion stars all around.”

by me

All the water between us
salty and rough waved and wide
matters not when your voice collides
right smack into mine

they sing like crackling pop radio
played loudly

We turn up the sound
of our words
as we steer into the crossroads

Rolling down the windows
offering our demons
as barter for some dry heat sun

The desert gifts us its spiraling sand
to lie down in
dirt tangling long strands of my hair

I say hello to the crowd
of glittering stars
I swear they ask me how you are

So I repeat all of your names
three times
(because three is for witches and wishing and wonder)

I hope the skies will open
cry you down all over me
until this is a body of water
with our bodies swimming in it


Peaceful Easy Feeling (live) :: The Eagles
originally from the album, self-titled (1972)

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