The Outsiders (1983)
Written by S.E. Hinton (book) & Kathleen Rowell
Directed by Francis Ford Coppola

My daughter is reading The Outsiders right now and we got to talking about the book, and the film. She hasn’t seen the movie (yet), but she loves the book. I loved it, too, the book, and the movie, at around the same age that she is. I was thirteen when I read the book (same age that she is), and fourteen when the movie came out. I saw it in the theater, but it was when it hit cable that I watched it the most. One Summer, I swear I watched it nearly every day.

The Curtis brothers, Darryl, Soda Pop and Pony Boy were my favorites. Though, I did have quite a love for Miss Cherry Valance, too. Oh my stars she was beautiful. I wanted to be her and be in love with Pony Boy. I wanted to be Pony Boy and be in love with her.


And I wanted to save Johnny, and subsequently save Dallas. Oh Dallas, my heart broke for you every single time. I wanted to save them all, but you can’t save anyone, not really. Not in book pages or movie screens, or in our own lives. We can only save ourselves. We can only figure out how to stay gold on our own.

Nature’s first green is gold, / Her hardest hue to hold. / Her early leaf’s a flower, / But only so an hour. / Then leaf subsides to leaf, / So Eden sank to grief. / So dawn goes down to day, / Nothing gold can stay.” ~ Pony Boy

Where did you learn that? That’s what I meant.” ~ Johnny

 Robert Frost wrote it. I always remembered it because I never quite knew what he meant.” ~ Pony Boy

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  1. I love this book and movie with all my heart, I feel like I watch the movie far too often but I never get sick of the story! (Or the actors 😍)

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